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Mr. Rong He Received Economic Contribution Award

Author: Century 3       Update: 2016-10-28

Co-Founder and CEO of Century 3 Asia Pacific Inc. - Mr. Rong He attended the Chinese Overseas Friendship Association’s 29th Anniversary and was awarded for his outstanding contribution to the region’s economic development. Hosted by Changning district government, the event was attended by local government officials, over 200 council members and industrial leaders.


This year’s anniversary has set up an award ceremony to distinguish the region’s best economic development programs as well as the year's most influential entrepreneurs. Mr. Rong He, together with other 5 council members was honored for their efforts in creating positive change, promoting economic development in Changning District.

Since establishing its first operation in Changning District, Shanghai in 2004, Century 3, led by Mr. Rong He, now serves as a model company in the community for improving the region’s economic performances, enhancing the skill sets and benefits of the workforce, encouraging energy efficiency and renewable energy applications.

During the event, District Head Mr. Gu Honghui introduced the prospect of Changning district’s economic and social development. He also acclaimed the Chinese Overseas Friendship Association for its important role in bridging the gap between local authorities and foreign enterprises, promptly delivering governmental information and working on administrative issues with quick and effective response.