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Century 3’s Semiconductor Expert Invited by SEMI China as a Guest Speaker

Author: Century 3       Update: 2019-06-20

On 18th June, 2019,SEMI China Fab Acceleration Program Conference was successfully held at Shanghai International Convention Center. Century 3, along with more than 10 fab manufacturers and other technology companies attended the meeting. Century 3’s experienced semiconductor expert, Mr. Frank Liu, was invited to give a speech on how the environment would impact the design of the fab and how to accelerate the project and reduce risks by pre-judging the design conditions.

Since joining Century 3, Mr. Frank Liu has been in charge of the engineering and project management work of several large-scale semiconductor projects, including GlobalFoundries, Texas Instruments, Micron, Applied Materials, etc, among which the 12-inch GlobalFoundries wafer project in Chengdu has a total investment of over 9 billion US dollars and an area of nearly 760,000 square meters. He has also worked for Texas Instruments’s C-Bump project, Prober project, CDAT1 design and CDAT2 design project.

At the conference, Frank gave a speech entitled “What Can We Do for an Environmental FAB”, pointing out that for a capital-intensive, technology-intensive and policy-driven semiconductor project, the design and construction period of the project must be shortened. Therefore, quickly and accurately determining environmental indicators, along with the adoption of cutting-edge technical methods, can reduce risks and losses during the construction phase. Frank mentioned the importance of a detailed and thorough investigation played in the pre-design phase. Preparation work such as carefully examining the environment impact assessment report of the industrial park, investigating factories nearby, communicating with environmental engineers and environmental assessment officials will contribute to the success of the fab project through precise prediction of the design conditions, leading to an accelerated decision and reduction of risks.