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Second EHS Forum

Author: Century 3       Update: 2015-12-02

Following the 1st Century 3 Safety Forum successfully, Century 3 launched its second Forum on Dec 18th, 2015 at Century 3 Shanghai Office. The Forum was attended by over 60 representatives of EHS professionals, business leaders from 35 multinational companies. During the forum, the need for moving toward a sustainability world was stressed by the guest speakers from 6 multinational companies China Business, and members of the audience were asked to put forth possible steps to concrete improvements in social responsibility. 

Practice has proved that the sustainable development companies, in addition to the products and technology has its own advantages, also can have the courage to bear the social responsibility, and this kind of social responsibility is an important part of enterprise competitiveness. Century 3 Safety Forum begin to open a meaningful dialogue on the topic of occupational health and safety, sustainability operation and community outreach, do its efforts to improve the goal of social responsibilities cognition. Century 3 hope this forum can influence more people and business to take care about social responsibility.