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Presentation Competition

Author: Century 3       Update: 2016-06-24

Century 3's First Language Presentation Competition was held on 16th June, 2016. Altogether eight contestants from Shanghai office and other locations have competed for the Best Presenter of the year. Mark Zhang from Commercial Department was awarded the honor for his clear articulation, well-organized language and proper use of PowerPoint. Mr. Rong He (CEO), Mr. Frank Hu (President), Mr. James Sessions (BD Senior Director) and Ms. Carrie Wang (BD & Marketing Director) were invited as judges for the event. Each participant’s presentation lasted fifteen minutes and was followed by a five minute Q&A period. Participants were supposed to deliver clear, concise and effective oral presentations with a topic relevant to their work in English, using visual aids like PowerPoint or video clip.

Mr. Mark Zhang, the Best Presenter of the year, has impressed the judges and audience with his authentic British accent. He has previously won the championship of National English Speech Contest hosted by CCTV. Mark mentioned that his passion for English learning propelled him to sharpen his language skills through listening to BBC news for hours every day.
“We do find some young engineers who are not overseas returnees, are remarkably eloquent in English,” Commented Mr. Rong He. “We were very impressed with the level of dedication our staff showed in self-improvement. We can learn from today’s contest that success is gained only through hard working and persistence.”