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One-on-one Mentoring Program Launched to Broad Young Talent’s Career Development

Author: Century 3       Update: 2021-05-28

On May 28, 2021, Century 3 launched its one-on-one mentoring program at the BIM center of Shanghai headquarters. Century 3’s CEO, Mr. Rong He; President, Mr. Frank Hu and HR Director, Ms. Sophie Chen, attended the event. Mentoring pairs participated in a tea serving etiquette of showing respect to mentors to kick off the program.

The one-on-one mentoring program at Century 3, taking on the engineering profession’s traditional form of mentor-mentee relationship, is designed for employees at two different stages: new employees fresh from school and experienced engineers looking for more career development. The two-year program will pair a mentor, who is either a management level professional or an industrial expert, with mentee that shows great potential in leadership or professionalism. Rewards or promotion will be offered to both mentors and mentees if they achieve the aimed goal.

“Recruiting, training, and retaining talents is important for Century 3’s future success,” Said Mr. Rong He. “With this program, we look to attract the best young talents, and provide them with all the assistance they need in building integrity and professional skills.”

“We hope that mentor will act as a role model to pass on their wisdom, knowledge, passion and most importantly, business ethics to young employees,” Mr. Frank Hu said: “Our goal is to build a strong company culture and become an international engineering company headquartered in China.”