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C3 Insight - Medtronic Innovation Center (Chengdu)

Author: Century 3       Update: 2021-09-24

C3 Insight - Medtronic Innovation Center (Chengdu)

Location  | 
Singapore-Sichuan Hi-Tech Innovation Park (SSCIP)
Interior Design  |  BroadwayMalyan + Century 3
General Construction | 
Century 3
Building Area  | 
8800 sqm
Completion  | 
January 2021
Photo  | 

As the 2nd medical innovation center in China, Medtronic Innovation Center (Chengdu) was officially opened in 2021. With a building area of 8800-square-meter, the newly established center is larger than the one in Shanghai, including surgical operation room, catheter room, operation training room, neuroscience training room, observation hall, training room, conference room and lecture hall. The property is a platform that promotes the sharing of high-quality resources, accelerates the transformation of cutting-edge medical technologies into clinical outcomes, and helps Chengdu develop into a trillion-yuan level pharmaceutical and health industry cluster.

The architect explores the possibilities of seamless blending of the architecture’s appearance with the city’s industrial environment. The final look showcases the art in exerting space management and the use of modern construction materials.


The facade of the building adopts traditional black brick base at the bottom; transparent glass screen wall is used in the middle, while window wall system at the upper to achieve a perfect combination of form and function.


The spiral staircase connecting the three levels simulates the blood circulating through the heart. The exhibition space and informal conference room creates an interactive space experience.

Surgical Observation

The surgical observation hall provides a clear view for attentive observation and is designed to become a platform for all-round research and education.