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Century 3 Awarded by Liansheng for the CARROUSEL Package in WWTP

Author: Century 3       Update: 2021-03-29

On 25th March, Century 3’s subsidiary company DHV (Beijing) Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. was awarded a contract by Liansheng Pulp & Paper for the CARROUSEL package in WWTP of their new production facilities in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province.

As one of the largest WWTP’s in the paper & pulp industry throughout the country, the annual pulp / paper production capacity of this Liansheng project is 3.9 million tons upon its completion, making it a topline in China for single-facility. Correspondingly, the WWTP has the capacity to treat 146,000 m3/d (194,000 m3/d in the long run) wastewater generated from production process, setting it as one of the largest CARROUSEL plants nation-wide. Century 3 will provide the CARROUSEL System Package for the WWTP, including the design of the core bio-treatment process and supply of core CARROUSEL equipment as well as associated technical services. 

Liansheng's decision to award this order to Century 3 is primarily based on extensive application and reliable performance of CARROUSEL in pulp and paper industry provided by Century 3, as well as the reputation and trust connected with our identity as the original supplier in China of this technology. Liansheng is impressed by Century 3’s rich experiences and convincing reference list for large-scale pulp & paper CARROUSEL plants in China. As a matter of fact, domestically Century 3 has involved in most of the largest CARROUSEL plants in this sector. Century 3 is proud of this new achievement and confident that with hard work and collaboration of our execution team we'll definitely deliver to client's satisfaction and make it another success and milestone.