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Covid-19 Response

Author: Century 3       Update: 2020-05-07

—— New Work Approaches in Times of Coronavirus Crisis

At Century 3, ensuring the safety and well-being of our people and community is our top priority. 

Since the beginning of 2020, we were faced with a global health challenge that have not been seen in recent decades. The coronavirus outbreak has rampaged across the global and sickened over 3.6 million population worldwide. In an effort to battle the epidemic disease, Century 3 has launched a series of measures to protect the safety and well-being of our people, meanwhile to stay productive and deliver high quality services as usual.

1. Increase sanitation for work environment
Century 3 remains vigilant of virus trends. We keep a close eye on the covid-19 case reports ever since the outbreak. We have executed a strict sanitation protocol including constant use of disinfectants on public facilities, having hand sanitizer and alcohol pads available in key areas in the office, wearing face mask in public, taking temperature before entry, limiting social gathering, enforcing self-quarantine if employees have traveled to places identified as risky areas, etc. 

2. Remote site management and work arrangement
In order to minimize virus transmission, we encourage employees to limit business travel and leverage technology to facilitate more flexible site management scenarios. Through using web camera, drone camera and site staff equipped with camera, engineers and managers can monitor real-time site conditions from anywhere in the world. All data and reports are uploaded to a cloud-based platform for viewing and editing with automatic sync with laptop, iPhone or iPad. Any deviation from original plan will be noticed promptly by our project team and client. Discussion on how to work out a solution can take place on web-based conference call/video with all stakeholders to practice social distancing. 


3. Medical aids to overseas partners
The coronavirus is a threat that puts all of humanity as risk. As the center of the outbreak shifted to Europe and the US, we joined the global fight against coronavirus to combat a second or third wave of the disease. Apart from providing medical help to our local employees who experienced difficulty in purchasing protective materials, we have donated medical supply to German Red Cross and business partners and friends overseas. It is our hope that through relieving medical supply shortages our partners and friends in risky areas would better protect themselves. Together we will flat the curve and survive the outbreak.