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Children's Sponsorship in Guangxi Province

Author: Century 3       Update: 2016-01-29

Century 3 Asia Pacific Inc. continues its effort in charity business by sponsoring 7 children from Guangxi Province for their yearly education and living expenses. Earlier last year, Century 3 has joined hands with Community Roots China, a non-profit charity organization, in “One Heart Gift Bag” event to donate 100 gift bags to children in Xinjiang Province. After successfully working with CRC for “One Heart Gift Bag” event, Century 3 has decided to continue to bring more resources to children who are in need of funding for education through personal sponsorships.

The 7 children Century 3 sponsored all come from disadvantaged family in rural China, who are challenged with many family problems such as illness and short of income. The financial donation from Century 3 can cover a child’s one-semester’s expense at school and home. “We wish we could help improve the wellbeing of disadvantaged children and to change the future of them and their families through financing their school study.  ” Said Rong He, CEO of Century 3.

As a core philosophy, Corporate Social Responsibility has been an important part of how we do business at Century 3. We work closely with government and other organizations who share a commitment to our vision and mission. Century 3 will continue to partner with government, schools, families and other service providers to improve educational outcomes for children from disadvantaged families and give young people the skills and knowledge to create a better future for themselves.