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2017 Management Retreat

Author: Century 3       Update: 2017-08-07

2017 Century 3 Management Retreat was held in Huzhou, Zhejiang province. The meeting mainly focused on company performance review, project management and operation, BIM approach in project delivery and business development skills building. Highlight was the launch of Century 3’s independent software invention - a drawing management system app that enables engineers to browse, update, store and upload drawings through various forms of electronic devices to an integrated cloud platform.

“The drawing management system app is a game changer for construction industry. It frees engineers, managers and workers from operational chaos.” Commented Rong He, CEO of Century 3. The app ensures accurate drawing versions by tracking engineering changes right made by all parties. It enables users to sort and filter reports and find documents quickly by linking properties, attributes and tags without carrying a bunch of blueprints. 

“Using drawing management system app will greatly improve our efficiency and accuracy, resulting in higher productivity internally and to external business partners.” Said Ken Jin, BIM Manager from Commercial Department: “Our team will continuously improve its functionality and add new features such as daily/monthly report export and interface to BIM software’s 2D and 3D data in the near future.”


The meeting showcased Century 3’s world class management expertise and technology driven solutions. It was also a special occasion for networking as BU leaders and industrial professionals from different locations gathered together. The retreat concluded with a sightseeing tour to Nanxun, a renowned ancient town in Huzhou, offering plenty of chances for team members to communicate and learn from each other.